Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rachael from Tulsa, OK

Hi Mary Ann,
I'm Rachael from Tulsa, Oklahoma
I was hoping you can help me...I was dating someone for a long while we were separating and as I was leaving he committed suicide in front of me ever since than I have had weird things happen cold breezes when I'm in the shower and there are no vents and no windows ...the phone calls and nobody's there just dead air than a click and hang-up...I have always felt my whole life like I'm being watched and like there is someone standing behind me all the time ....I have always threw my life seen shadows and had this feeling like someone is about to walk by a door's a odd feeling
can this be something or am I just crazy?

oh and I wanted to ask you I'm really good with numbers like if someone is gambling and asks me for lets say 3 numbers I get this weird feeling like fuzzy and voices in my head and they whisper them to me ..but it's 95% always right it just me or is there something to this?.

Dear Rachael,

Your ex boyfriend was mentally ill, or he would not have committed suicide. I am so sorry he did it in front of you. That was very cruel.

Trust your instincts. You did not say how long ago this happened, but he still could be earthbound.

It is very hard for a person that committed suicide to cross over. In a lot of cases sometimes years.

Have the house blessed by an ordained priest or minister. Also you can smudge your house with sage or sweet grass. This will make him lethargic and you will not feel him around you.

Very cool with the numbers. I have no clue who would be doing it.

Sounds like you need to go to Las Vegas and check it out!

Good Luck

Mary Ann

Jo from Brighton, England

Dear Mary Ann,

Sometimes when I'm driving and i'm listening to music, it will go really cold then the stereo turns off, I hear laughing and then the music comes back on, am I going crazy or is someone having a lugh with me?

kind regards,

From Brighton, England

Hello Jo,

Everything that you are describing can definitely be done by an earthbound spirit.

Good news you are not crazy, but you really do not want this spirit hanging out with you. Sprinkle some sea salt on the floor in the front and back seats of your car.

Spirits do not like sea salt. You will not have any unwanted passengers riding around with you.

It will help.

Mary Ann

Danny- Scent

Hello Mary Ann,

About six weeks ago, while sat in my living room when I got this very strong smell. I can only describe as a woman's perfume.

I could even taste it. this do not happen very often.

But it happened again in the garden twice 30 minutes apart. I rushed into the house to tell my wife, she could smell it on my clothes and breath,.

My wife seems to think it's a sweet smell, like Lillis. Something a more mature woman would use.

This only seems to happen when I am on my own. looking forward to your reply.

Thank you,

Hi Danny

When you smell a certain scent and it is pleasant, it is usually a spirit that has crossed over.

A lot of times a person can tell who the person is by the scent, ie- Mom always wore lilac cologne. Dad always wore Old Spice after shave. Cigar smoke, is Grandpa around?

In your case, it is a scent you did not recognize as belonging to a relative.

Ask family members, if they knew someone who wore lily scent, Or was there a forgotten relative by the name of Lilly?

Check out previous owners of your home. Ask older neighbors if any of the ladies wore lily scent, or raised lilies in the garden..

Do a little investigating. The good news, she has crossed over and will not cause any problems.

Happy Hunting

Mary Ann

Cherie from Cincinnati, OH

Mary Ann,

First might I say that I am so excited to talk to you that I can hardly contain myself. I have tried to send questions to other Mediums and they never respond. Instead they want to charge you Thousands of dollars for a meeting that you can never get. I look forward to reading your response.

My name is Cherie and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and I am terrified to die. I watched my Grandmother, Maude, take her last breathe when she died of Lung Cancer about 4 years ago and it was horrible. I asked her to send me a sign when she dies to let me know that there really is life after death and she said she would but has not. I really need to KNOW for myself that there is life after death. I am so afraid of leaving my children that I think when my time comes that I will be Earthbound, if that really happens. I cannot leave them!! I am a healthy 36 year old, so I am pretty sure I will be around for several more years. But the idea of dying scares me so. I have always been afraid of dying. I know several people that have passed and asked them all for a sign, and nothing. I have even prayed to see a ghost or talk to a ghost/spirit and nothing. Therefore reconfirming my fear. Please tell me what I can do to contact a departed person or just confirm for myself that life does continue after death. I would be forever grateful to you if you can really help. Could you also tell me if my Grandmother made it to the other side and if she is doing well?

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to communicate with me, a nobody to you. I really appreciate your time and can't wait for your response.



Hello Cherie,

I am happy to answer your questions but, I am not a medium or a physic. I am a paranormal investigator. James VanPraagh is a physic medium.

Cherie, I think a lot of people are afraid to die, it is the unknown. Especially when you have children. You want to be part of their lives forever.

Anytime that you have a dream of anyone that you knew who has died, they have crossed over.I would be very surprised if Grandmother Maude is earthbound. Cancer patients are very aware, they are dying, everyone around them knows. Toward the end of their life they are so tired. They are more than ready.

It does not hurt to die. I have talked to thousands of spirits. They have all said the same thing. It does not hurt to die. Sometimes working up to the death, illness or accident is painful, but not the actual act of dying.

Grandmother Maude is not missing a birthday, wedding, etc. At the next family event say out loud- Grandmother please come visit me in a dream. Sometimes all you have to do is ask! Then you can see for your self.

Good Dreaming

Mary Ann

Heather from Lakewood, CO

Hello Mary Ann!

First let me tell you that I absolutely love Ghost Whisperer! I never miss an episode.

Secondly, I know that you answer questions on your blogspot - and I have one for you.

Ever since I was little I have been able to see spirits. My first recollection was seeing my paternal grandfather right after he passed. I was about 5 years old.

When I was in elementary school I hated playing in the field behind my house, because all of the spirits would come out and talk to me. I would run home crying and lock myself away in my room.

As I grew up I saw the spirits fewer and fewer times. Now I see spirits on two occasions:

1) as they are dying or shortly thereafter (within minutes/hours). I have witnessed numerous murders. The most notable was my Dad's best friend, John Hand. This was the first murder that I witnessed in real time. Most of the time I witness murders in my sleep. I feel that I am being shown this so that I can help either solve crimes or cross people over ?? I'm not sure. I have information in relation to his death that I want to share with the police, but I'm afraid they will think I'm crazy.

I also see people shortly after they have passed, when they have died from sudden accidents or natural causes. A few months ago my boyfriend's great aunt came to me and started chatting away. I had no idea who she was, and I couldn't even get a word in edge wise. Within 3-4 hours my boyfriend's mother called to say that the great aunt had passed from cancer earlier that day.

2) Mostly in dreams, but also in "real life" they come to talk to me and ask me to convey messages. The most recent of these has been a co-worker who passed who had messages for family/co-workers, and also my grandfather who has messages for family. I have tried conveying these messages to my family, but they think I'm crazy. My Mom believes me but she is so freaked out by what I can do that she doesn't like to talk about it.

I won't tell you about every ghost that I've ever seen - but I will leave you with one last story.

On February 13 2007 a co-worker of mine dropped dead of a brain aneurysm. Later that night she began visiting me.

It was then that I realized I had a special gift. I knew that I have visited this "place" before but it wasn't until Brenda died that I really grasped what it was.

I have the ability (in my dreams) to visit a place where spirits of those who have passed on, and those who are alive can congregate. I'm not sure what this place is but I call it "heaven" for lack of a better word. A few months ago I discovered that I can also take people from their bodies and bring them with me. This is all in my dreams, and I seem to have no recollection of how/why I am doing it. Just that I can.

My grandfather had a message to give my mother. I remember hovering over her body as she slept, I tried to take her from her body - but she was stubborn and would not go. Have you ever heard of such a thing? In recognizing what this place was, I realized that I have visited many, many times since I was a little girl. Oftentimes I don't remember actually being there, but I remember when my spirit "flys home" and I re-enter my body.

I realize that I have some ability to communicate with those have passed on, but thus far it has been random and not of my own choosing. Is there a way to harness this ability, so that I can use it at will - to help others? I am absolutely fascinated with this gift, and I am disappointed that I cannot use it at will. I am always thrilled when a spirit comes to speak to me (either in dreams or real life) and I would love to use that gift to help others and learn more about "the other side"

Do you have any advise for me?

You are coming to Lakewood, Colorado on December 22. I work as an insurance agent in Denver. I think I'll try to take some time off of work so that I can see your talk.


Dear Heather,

Thanks for watching Ghost Whisperer.

Children see spirits, but most of them lose this the older they get. You it seems, retained some of this ability.

What your experiencing is precognitive dreams. Your are getting information about the future psychically and in dreams.

You are also astro wandering. You do not have any control over it, or understood how it is happening, but this place you are going to is not heaven. You are not dead. It is a gathering place for earthbound and crossed over spirits to meet and have astral visitors.

Please do not take anyone with you on this trip. A person has to choose to do this, not just yanked out of their body and taken on a astral road trip!

The more that you use your gift the more that it will develop. Everyone grows in the appropriate way.

Read all you can. I suggest Edgar Cayce and Ruth Montgomery.

Good Luck

Mary Ann

Krista- Dowsing Rods

Dear Mary Ann,

Hello to you! A psychic in our home said that there was "buried treasure on our property",I know this sounds silly,but....the former owners of our 1870 home saved everything and kept money hidden all throughout the home..she said the wife was "wary of unsavory neighbors" and dug holes to hide her precious goods, counting her steps and keeping a map of sorts as she did so. The auction for their estate sold everything, and the psychic said the map was written in a bible or plat book..She was accurate in many other areas,so I do believe there could be hidden things..However, I am not interested in the greed aspect, I purely want these things to be unearthed as they deserve to be discovered..They were family to my husband, and the home has been in my husband's family since 1870. The psychic stated to use a dowsing rod or the dangling string method( I forget the proper name) to receive direction in the places... Would you please help in instructing me of the proper method of doing this? I dug up the yard with a metal detector, much to my husband's dismay, and found many tools and broken crock pieces,but that was all..Thank you so much for your reply.Bless You

Peace, Krista

Hi Krista

Sorry- I have no clue how to use a dowsing rod or pendulum.

I do not understand why the psychic just did not tell you when she was at your house!

You could of course, invite her back over for more information.

In my opinion the wife was your husbands, great, great, great, or great-great-great grandmother. If there was any treasure and she wanted him to have it, she would find a way to get the information to him.

Happy digging
Mary Ann

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cheryl from Eureka, MO

We moved to England 5 years ago and have since moved back. But within that time, my 2 grandmothers passed over. One did so while we were visiting the USA at Christmas time, she had already been taken to the hospital and was unaware I was there. The other passed the following year while we were visiting once again. I miss them dearly and I wanted to see if you could contact them to see if they had any messages for me or any other loved ones I know. My great Aunt also passed but she did so when I was back in the UK. These women were a big part of our family and are truly missed. I feel I let them down in some way by not being near when they were alive. Can you help?

Thanks again and Thanks if you can help!!

Eureka, MO

Dear Cheryl

I am not a medium. I can not talk to ghosts that have crossed over. You can get your answers however yourself.

The next time you dream of one of them you can have a conversation with them. Get a herb called mugwort. Make a little sachet out of it , and place it between your pillow and pillow case. In about three weeks you will remember your dreams. (Do not let children or animals around mugwort).

I do not think the ladies have held it against you for living out of the country before or when they died.

Good dreaming.

Mary Ann